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Database Architect

The database systems field is a wide and growing one, therefore, there are many careers related to database systems. One of the most important careers in this field is the database architect. A database architect is a highly skilled profession that is paramount for all modern businesses, as well as institutions and organizations that use database systems. A database architect is involved in making companies grow and reach new markets, as well as in shaping their vision to meet their main goals. One place where you can find excellent database architecture solutions from the top database architects in the field is SeaData.

What does a Database Architect do?

A database architect is in charge of creating and managing large electronic databases, which store and organize great amounts of data. His/her goal is to design a database architecture that meets the employer’s needs. This is done by developing model strategies to ensure that the database performs reliably and is secure and scalable. Following the design, the database architect works to implement the database in cooperation with programmers, software engineers, system administrators, analysts and database administrators. Database architects often deal quite a lot with database upgrade, database performance tuning and DB replication.

How to become a Database Architect

In order to pursue a career as a database architect, one should get the proper education. The fields related to database architecture which you can major in are computer programming and database architecture. Since database architecture is a fast-growing field, it is recommended that besides a bachelor’s degree, you also get a master’s degree in order to stand out from the crowd competing for jobs. A certification in computer programming is also recommended – it can increase your chances of being hired. For more information on database architecture, you are invited to visit the SeaData website.

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