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Data Architect

In today’s fast-paced, technology based world, where so much depends on extensive, often complex computerized database systems, a highly important profession is the data architect. The data architect is in charge of designing, creating, deploying and managing the data architecture of an organization, institution or company. Data architects make the decisions on how the data will be managed, stored, consumed and integrated by anyone who uses or processes it: IT systems, data entities and applications. At SeaData, we have data architects with vast experience an excellent credentials who can provide top-notch solutions for your data architecture needs.

The Responsibilities of a Data Architect

A data architect in an organization has a wide, varied set of responsibilities: he or she is in charge of implementing new technology, enterprising the architecture of data, planning technology strategies, researching and evaluating emerging technologies, validating software, initiating data architecture activities; as well as planning and supporting data replication, data recovery and data restoration in the company.

In organizations, data architects are usually considered senior professionals and serve as members of first line management. What makes them so important is that they provide experience and expertise with complex data-related activities which the organization must rely on.

Skills Required from a Data Architect

A competent data architect must have the following skills:

  • Deep knowledge of database design and data modeling
  • Wide knowledge in systems development
  • Ability to conceive and convey the big data picture from the perspective of the entire organization
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in emerging data technologies
  • High abilities in operating within the organization, in order to influence, govern, model and affect the organization’s methodology.

Anyone looking for more information on data architects, or seeking experienced, professional data architects for their company or personal project, is welcome to approach SeaData, where data architecture solutions can be found. Check out the SeaData website today!

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